Archive for July 1, 2012

This is a follow up to my original reiew of the  FF240

Multi-Tech released a new firmware (1.1.15) which greatly enhances its functionality (makes it work).
I tested it for a number of days and found that in most instances it had no problem receiving or sending faxes.
The only issue I ran into was when it was sending  or receiving to an IP based fax machine, but at that point it’s  hard to find where the fault is.

The biggest short coming is that the unit does not have caller-id support (yeah I know it’s 2012) which is kind of a pain when you are looking for a fax in your email client.
Multi-Tech says that this will be added in a future release.

After some research it looks like the FF240 is using technology made by Commetrex.
The technology seems to be new but works well. (I will be reviewing their SmartATA in the near future)

Overall the FF240-IP went from an almost useless device to a nice fax server.