Configure Patton FXS Gateways for the US

Posted: September 10, 2012 in VoIP Gateway

Patton is a US based company but by default their units are not configured for US standards.

Here is how to add US tones and configure the FXS ports to simulate standard US POTS lines:

First for the tone profile:

profile call-progress-tone US_Dialtone
  play 1 1000 350 -13 440 -13

profile call-progress-tone US_Alertingtone
  play 1 1000 440 -19 480 -19
  pause 2 3000

profile call-progress-tone US_Busytone
  play 1 500 480 -24 620 -24
  pause 2 500

profile call-progress-tone US_Releasetone
  play 1 250 480 -24 620 -24
  pause 2 250

profile tone-set US
  map call-progress-tone dial-tone US_Dialtone
  map call-progress-tone ringback-tone US_Alertingtone
  map call-progress-tone busy-tone US_Busytone
  map call-progress-tone release-tone US_Releasetone
  map call-progress-tone congestion-tone US_Busytone

Next we need to configure the ports and interfaces.

port fxs 0 0
  end-of-call-signaling loop-break 1200
  use profile fxs us
  encapsulation cc-fxs
  bind interface FXS0 switch

interface fxs FXS0
  caller-id-presentation mid-ring
  caller-id-format bell
  use profile tone-set US

This must be repeated for each FXS port.

The above settings will set the FXS ports to use the US tones, caller id, other settings needed to simulate standard “Bell” lines.

You will also need to apply the US tones to the SIP interface:

interface sip SIP1
   use profile tone-set US


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