Archive for January 12, 2012

Recently I purchased about 25 Mediatrix 4108 and 4116 VoIP Analog Gateways on a closeout.

Until the purchase I have never used any of Mediatrix’s products but I figured it will have the standard features.

To my surprise it as lacking almost all features and almost unusable. It didn’t have hunt-groups or any kind of routing.

After doing some research I discovered a firmware called DGW that was supposed to have some additional features but I was unable to find it.

I contacted support and three days later I received a response asking me to fill out an application so I can access their portal.

Once everything was setup on their end I was able to log in and download the DGW firmware.

The process is two steps and required the installation of a transition firmware via TFP to complete the full upgrade.

After the dust settled I had what looked like a totally new product.

The DGW firmware allows for the following plus more:

  • Multiple IPs per interface
  • Firewall
  • All codec settings can be set based upon FXS por
  • Routing can configured based upon any part of the SIP header and/or time and date
  • CDRs
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, music on hold
  • All the information in the SIP header can be manipulated (To, From, user, server)

So to say the least I was very surprised this has features many PBXs don’t have.

I am not sure why the DGW firmware is not standard but this turned out to be one solid product.