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As with most enterprise equipment the web GUI is usually either incomplete or full of bugs. (I got locked out of gateway once when trying to set the password through the web GUI)

In the Adtran Total Access web GUI you can enabled T38 faxing by checking the T38 check box under the T1 trunk.

While this does enable T38 it does not allow for the full configuration.

Here is a list of all the T38 options available through the terminal:

  • modem-passthrough
  • t38
  • t38 error-correction [fec | redundancy]
  • t38 redundancy [high-speed | low-speed] <value>
  • t38 max-rate <value>
  • t38 fallback-mode g711
  • t38 max-buffer <value>
  • t38 max-datagram <value>

Samples config:

(config)#voice trunk t02
(config-T02)#t38 redundancy high-speed 3
(config-T02)#t38 redundancy low-speed 2
(config-T02)#t38 fallback-mode g711
(config-T02)#t38 max-rate 9600


Please see the updated review here:

Recently I purchased a demo unit Multi-Tech FaxFinder FF240 fax server.

In the past I have used their analog version with great results. Their API is great.

As far as configuration goes this model is very similar as the non-VoIP versions except for the SIP trunk setup.
In terms of fax sending and receiving this unit fails to perform.

At first I tried connecting to a VoIP provider that supported T.38. The results were mixed with a success rate of about 60 to 70%.

Next I connected it directly to an Adtran Total Access VoIP Gateway going into a PRI.
If I set the unit to send T38 without negotiation is worked perfectly. The problem was that all inbound calls were rejected.
Next if I set it to negotiate T38 then the success rate would drop back to 60 to 70%.
In addition there is only one trunk so it can’t have different configurations for inbound and outbound.

For now this unit is sitting in storage hopefully they will come out with a firmware update that will fix these issues.

———————–Update 01/11/2012 —————————-

From Multi-Tech:

It looks like Engineer already has a fix for it and it is currently in testing phase. I don’t have a time frame for you. But I will update you as soon as the firmware fix is available.

Once I receive the new firmware and test it I will update this post with the results.

———————–Update 01/13/2012 —————————-

Multi-Tech sent me a firmware upgrade to 1.1.5.
After the installation the success rate was a little better but still not acceptable.
I will see were it goes from here.

———————–Update 01/16/2012 —————————-

Multi-Tech is now saying that it was tested with Broadvox. Since I don’t have a BroadVox account and have no interest in signing up for one I guess I’m stuck.
Since I purchased this as a demo unit I can’t return it so for now it will just sit upon the shelf until they come out with a reliable firmware update.