Review of Multi-Tech FaxFinder FF240 – T38 Fax server

Posted: January 10, 2012 in IP PBX
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Please see the updated review here:

Recently I purchased a demo unit Multi-Tech FaxFinder FF240 fax server.

In the past I have used their analog version with great results. Their API is great.

As far as configuration goes this model is very similar as the non-VoIP versions except for the SIP trunk setup.
In terms of fax sending and receiving this unit fails to perform.

At first I tried connecting to a VoIP provider that supported T.38. The results were mixed with a success rate of about 60 to 70%.

Next I connected it directly to an Adtran Total Access VoIP Gateway going into a PRI.
If I set the unit to send T38 without negotiation is worked perfectly. The problem was that all inbound calls were rejected.
Next if I set it to negotiate T38 then the success rate would drop back to 60 to 70%.
In addition there is only one trunk so it can’t have different configurations for inbound and outbound.

For now this unit is sitting in storage hopefully they will come out with a firmware update that will fix these issues.

———————–Update 01/11/2012 —————————-

From Multi-Tech:

It looks like Engineer already has a fix for it and it is currently in testing phase. I don’t have a time frame for you. But I will update you as soon as the firmware fix is available.

Once I receive the new firmware and test it I will update this post with the results.

———————–Update 01/13/2012 —————————-

Multi-Tech sent me a firmware upgrade to 1.1.5.
After the installation the success rate was a little better but still not acceptable.
I will see were it goes from here.

———————–Update 01/16/2012 —————————-

Multi-Tech is now saying that it was tested with Broadvox. Since I don’t have a BroadVox account and have no interest in signing up for one I guess I’m stuck.
Since I purchased this as a demo unit I can’t return it so for now it will just sit upon the shelf until they come out with a reliable firmware update.


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