Reliability of Yealink Phones

Posted: January 11, 2012 in IP Phone
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In the past year I have deployed more Yealink phones then any other brand.

These phones are definitely the best bang for the buck and have good sound quality. (Not as good as Polycom or Cisco but close enough to be used as a business phone)

Once you start looking at reliability though these phone do not match up to the main stream phone manufactures.

I have had more DOAs then any other brands.

In addition as the phones approach the one year mark I have seen them have various sound quality issues such as static and random momentary loss of audio.
Some of these were able to be fixed with a simple swapping out of the phone cord but others needed to be replaced all together.

I will continue to deploy these phones due to the price point and relatively good sound quality but these are not on the same level as the big players.


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